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What is StarStar Me?

StarStar Me is an add-on mobile service that lets you use your name or nickname, when available, as your number. People can call you on their mobile phones by simply entering ** and then a unique word or phrase that you choose. When meeting new people, give out your memorable StarStar number instead of ten hard-to-remember digits.

When you're busy, turn off rings and automatically send callers an audio or text message to tell them you’ll call back later. Or send callers your contact info, including links to your important social media accounts. You can also block specific callers from reaching you, just in case you need that.

Does a StarStar number replace my existing mobile number?

No. Calls to your StarStar number will work in addition to your existing 10-digit mobile number.

Can people who use my StarStar number see my regular mobile phone number?

When people call your StarStar number, they will see the numeric equivalent of your StarStar number (for example, **72724 for **SARAH), not your mobile phone number, through caller ID and in their call log. However, calls you make from your phone will show your regular mobile phone number to the recipients of the calls.

Can anyone reach me on my StarStar number?

Calls within the U.S. from Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T mobile phones and most Verizon mobile phones are currently supported. Calls made on Verizon's VoLTE network, landline, roaming calls, and calls from any other mobile carriers or through VoIP services are not supported at this time.

Can people send SMS messages to my StarStar number?

At this time, SMS messages cannot be sent to your StarStar number.

Does StarStar Me work the same on all phones?

You don't need a specific mobile phone to subscribe the StarStar Me service. The StarStar Me app is available for iPhone and Android and a mobile website is available for Windows 8 and Blackberry 10 devices. All subscribers can use the website to access features and account settings.

What does the StarStar Me app do?

The StarStar Me app allows you to manage your incoming calls on the go.

With the app you can choose to

All subscribers can access these settings on the website and a mobile website is available for Windows 8 and Blackberry 10 devices.

What is my StarStar Contact info?

Selecting "Reply with Contact Info" allows you to quickly send your desired contact information to anyone who calls your StarStar number. You can choose to include a photo, your email address, other phone numbers, your website URL, and links to your social media accounts.

What does blocking a caller do?

Blocked callers will receive an audio message that the subscriber is unavailable. Calls from blocked callers will not ring the phone or send a reply message or contact info. Blocking callers is currently available through the StarStar Me app.

How do I get a StarStar number?

iPhone and Android users can call **ME (**63) on their mobile phone to download the free StarStar Me app that they can use to get their StarStar number. Sprint customers can also sign up at

How do I get the StarStar Me app?

You can get the StarStar Me app by calling **ME (**63) on your iPhone or Android phone or by downloading the app from Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (iPhone).

How many StarStar numbers can I get?

Sprint subscribers can have two StarStar numbers per mobile phone number.

How do I cancel my StarStar Me service?

Sprint subscribers can cancel their StarStar Me service through the web at or through the StarStar Me app.

On the web, log in to your account and click the settings icon for the StarStar number you'd like to cancel. You can then choose to cancel your StarStar number. (Blackberry and Windows Phone users on the mobile web should select the menu icon before selecting settings.)

StarStar Me Android or iPhone app users should tap Numbers on the bottom left of the main screen of the app, and then tap the pen and paper icon on the right. You can then cancel your StarStar Me service.

Why can't I sign up for StarStar Me?

If you are unable to sign up for StarStar Me, you may not have access to add paid services to an account (for example, if you are a member but not the primary account owner of a family plan or are part of a corporate account). Talk to your account owner/administrator or contact Sprint Customer Service by calling 611 on your mobile phone.

Can I send SMS messages from my StarStar number?

No, at this time you can't. However, when using the StarStar Me app, you can choose to reply with message or contact info and a text message will be sent to callers of your StarStar number. You can customize this text message when selecting the "Reply With Message" call response.

What are the charges associated with calling a StarStar number?

StarStar Me subscribers are charged airtime/minutes for calls that they receive according to their Sprint plan. Calls to a StarStar number may count towards the caller's voice minutes depending on their plan. Text messages that are sent to callers are free, however callers who click links in text messages may incur data charges depending on their plan. Callers from carriers other than Sprint may incur charges for voice minutes /airtime and text messages, depending on the carrier and the caller's voice and data plan.

Are there restrictions on the length of a StarStar number?

Numbers must be at least 5 characters long with a max length of 9 characters.

Note: The length does not include the ** characters at the beginning of the numbers.

When I dial a StarStar number it says it sent me a text but it never arrived. What happened?

To receive text messages the caller must have texting enabled on their phone's account and no blocks applied.

What happens to my StarStar number if I cancel it?

If you have a StarStar number and then decide to cancel it, it will stop working at the end of your current billing period. It will then be returned to the pool of "available" numbers.

Is there a way to reactivate a StarStar number that I canceled?

You cannot reactivate a StarStar number that you have canceled. After your StarStar Me billing period ends, the number will become available for purchase again. If you have canceled a StarStar number, you can find the end date of your StarStar Me billing cycle on the account page of

Can I change my StarStar number?

Yes. Log in to your account on the web at and click the settings icon for the StarStar number you'd like to change. You can then choose to change your StarStar number. (Blackberry and Windows Phone users on the mobile web should select the menu icon before selecting settings.)

StarStar Me Android or iPhone users can select settings from the top left corner of the main app screen and select "Change StarStar Number".

What happens to my StarStar number if I change carriers? Can I transfer or "port" it?

Your StarStar number cannot be transferred or "ported" from carrier to carrier the way your regular phone number can. When you change carriers your number will be returned to the pool of "available" StarStar numbers.

My bill lists my StarStar Me service as a vanity number. Does Sprint now offer vanity numbers?

Sprint does not offer vanity numbers for customer's PTNs. This vanity number is tied to the StarStar Me product. This vanity number basically just points to and utilizes the customer's actual mobile phone number.

Why does my phone lock up sometimes when dialing the StarStar ( ** ) portion of the number?

On some phones, if you push the StarStar ( ** ) portion of the number too quickly or too slowly, it invokes a special function of a "pause" or "+".

Does StarStar Me work with Google Voice?

Sprint numbers that have added Google Voice features work with StarStar Me. However, a Google Voice number on a Sprint phone will not work because Google Voice numbers do not support receiving texts from short codes, which is required when signing up for StarStar Me.

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