STARSTARME (**Me) is a vanity mobile phone number that begins with ** followed by a numeric character code, which can be translated into alphabetical characters and which can be configured to automatically respond to the caller of the vanity mobile phone number in a predetermined manner (each as further described below) ("**Me Service"). **Me Service also includes related software ("Software"). The following terms apply to your use of and access to **Me Service and Software ("**Me Service Terms of Service"). In addition to these **Me Service Terms of Service, your use of and access to **Me Service is governed by Sprint's General Terms and Conditions of Service ("Ts&Cs")—which are available at—as well as any other written services and transaction materials that we provide or refer to you during the sales transaction (collectively, "Agreement").

For purposes of interpreting these **Me Service Terms of Service and the Ts&Cs with respect to the **Me Service and Software, **Me Service and Software are included in the definition of "Services" in the Ts&Cs. Capitalized terms used and not defined in these **Me Service Terms of Service are used as defined in the Ts&Cs.

Sprint may modify the **Me Service, the **Me Service Terms of Service, and the Ts&Cs at any time in its sole discretion. When and how Sprint will provide you notice of these changes is contained in the Ts&Cs or will otherwise be communicated to you. Your continued use of the **Me Service following any change will constitute your acceptance of and agreement to be bound by the modified Agreement. If you do not agree with the modifications, your sole and exclusive remedy is to stop using the **Me Service.

By accepting this Agreement, you agree that you are bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

1. Mandatory Arbitration. As detailed in the Ts&Cs, you and Sprint agree to a mandatory arbitration provision that provides that (except for matters properly brought to small claims court) any claim, controversy, or dispute of any kind between you and Sprint must be resolved by final and binding arbitration on an individual and not a class-wide or consolidated basis.

2. LICENSE. Sprint grants you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to install and use the Software on your Device(s) for your own personal, non-commercial, and lawful use in the United States, solely in connection with the **Me Service. Ownership and intellectual property rights in the **Me Service and Software will remain in Sprint and/or its licensors and you acknowledge such rights. You will not (i) use the Software for any purpose not expressly permitted in the **Me Service Terms of Service, (ii) copy or install the Software onto any equipment or devices other than your Device(s); or (iii) modify (including the removal or alteration of any trademarks, trade names, logos, patent or copyright notices or other notices or markings), adapt, arrange, translate, create derivative works of, reverse engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Software or (iv) export the Software in violation of U.S. or other applicable export control laws. You will not sell, resell, rent, sublicense, distribute, loan, lease, transfer, copy, record, publish, upload, transmit, or make any commercial use of the Software.You will not alter, disable, or circumvent any digital rights management security features embedded in the Software. All rights not expressly granted to you herein are reserved. Sprint may revoke this license at any time.

3. PASSWORD. When you register for the **Me Service, you will be required to provide a password. You are solely responsible for keeping your password secure and confidential, for preventing third parties from using your password, and for all activities occurring under your **Me Service account stemming from the use of your password. You agree that Sprint may, in our sole discretion, treat any person who presents your credentials that we deem sufficient for account access as you or an authorized user on the account for disclosure of information or changes in the **Me Service.

4. **ME CODES. When you register for the **Me Service, you will select a unique numerical code (**Me Code). When you provide your **Me Code to third parties, they can access the features of the **Me Service from within the U.S. Only previously unregistered **Me Codes are available, and you may be limited in the number of **Me Codes that you can register. Sprint grants you the right to use the **Me Code(s) in connection with the **Me Service. You acknowledge that you have only a lease to use the **Me Code(s), and do not have proprietary ownership interest in the **Me Code(s).You will not take any action to acquire any trademark, trade name or trade dress rights in **Me Code(s). You have no—and cannot gain any (for example, through publication, use, etc.)—proprietary, ownership, or other rights to any **Me Code, and Sprint reserves the right to reclaim any **Me Code(s) on behalf of its licensors at any time.

5. TRANSLATING **ME CODES. You may translate the **Me Code using the alphabetical characters on any telephone dial pad so as to create an easy to remember vanity phone number (e.g., you may translate **5674 to **Josh). You acknowledge and agree that any translation of a **Me Code into alphabetic characters is at your sole discretion and risk. Neither Sprint, its licensors, or suppliers are responsible in any way for (i) any conflict or dispute with any third party or (ii)any actual or threatened claim against you relating to your translation of a **Me Code into alphabetic characters.

6. **ME SERVICE. You may configure the **Me Service to enable the automatic sending of an audio announcement, SMS (text) message, or both in response to a caller dialing your **Me Code(s). Audio announcements count against the voice minutes included with your plan and may result in overages. Unless data is included as part of your plan, you will be charged the casual rate for data usage. Charges included as part of your service are subject to change. You acknowledge that in order for Sprint to process calls to your **Me Code(s) as part of the **Me Service, the caller must be dialing from (i) a device on a wireless network that participates in the **Me Service, and (2) within the U.S.

7. PERSONAL DATA AND PRIVACY. When you configure the **Me Service, you may designate specific information to be delivered to callers who dial your **Me Code, such as your name, photograph(s), address, telephone number(s), email address(es), social connection(s), favorite internet sites, etc. ("Personal Data"). Your Personal Data will be retained as needed to provide you with the call history logs and statistics described in the Software. On an on-going basis, you authorize and consent to Sprint and its licensors to: (a) collect your Personal Data that you have designated to be provided to callers who dial your **Me Code, and (b) disclose your Personal Data to callers of your **Me Code. You also agree that Sprint may collect, retain, use, and share information, including Personal Data, (i) as necessary to enable **Me Service, including functions that are incidental and necessary (for example, for delivering, invoicing, and providing customer support) (ii) for related business purposes (for example, preparing analysis of aggregated, non-personally-identifiable data); and (iii) otherwise in accordance with Sprint's Privacy Policy, available

8. TERMINATION. Without prejudice to any other rights, Sprint and its licensors may cancel the **Me Service and the **Me Code(s) for any or no reason and without notice. You may terminate the **Me Service and the **Me Code(s), at any time by notifying Sprint via your Device(s) or your account on termination is not effective until Sprint receives notice of your termination. If the **Me Service is terminated before the end of your invoicing cycle, we won't prorate charges to the date of termination and you won't receive a credit or refund for any unused **Me Service. Your use of the **Me Service and the **Me Code(s) will terminate upon cancelation or termination of your Agreement with Sprint, without further notice.